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Detailausschnitt - Porsche Carrera GT (2002) Porsche 356 Speedster (2002) Detailausschnitt - Porsche 356 Speedster (2002) Porsche Cayenne (2003) Detailausschnitt - Porsche Cayenne (2003)
Porsche Carrera GT (2002)


The interest in artistic and manual producing Ralf Zenz showed already as teenager.

In this context especially the many-sidedness attract attention he amazes the viewer time and again.

Not only his ambition to perfection but also his passion and emotion impress his unique and fascinating style.

The photo-realistic pencil drawings elaborated on acid-free natural paper are convincing to the smallest details.

The extraordinary quality of a pencil drawing by Ralf Zenz causes an according investment of time that can add up to several hundred hours.

In addition to numerous customers from home and abroad belong also companies as Porsche.

As a special compliment and distinction of his work Ralf Zenz counts the signing of two drawings (Porsche 904 GTS and Porsche Nr.1) by Prof. Ferry Porsche in 1992.

Portrait eines Kindes (2006)

Ralf Zenz can be counted to the best pencil drawers worldwide today.

Would you like to enrich your life with something very special and do you love the uniqueness of an esthetic work that will attract, fascinate and delight you every day time and again?

Gladly I will talk with you about your wishes.

HorsesPorsche Nr. 1 (1992)Porsche 904 GTS (1989)


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