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With the pronounced interest in sports cars the desire to build an own sports car got increasingly stronger.

This dream from an own sports car leaded Ralf Zenz to the design - to the creating and forming of objects.

His many-sided interests redounded in short time to the designing of diverse things like for example planes, furniture or also houses.

At designing Ralf Zenz attaches particular importance to ergonomics. The products´ usability should be warranted by the recognizability of the functional components as well as their easy handling any time.

Besides the creative designing Ralf Zenz is also proficient in model making and mold making.

Highlight of his creative activities until now is the designing of his own sports car.

You are looking for a capable partner designing your products?

From project consultancy to complete product design including prototype construction - we look forward to support you.

Talk with us - we help you fast and uncomplicated.


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